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Happy Holidays from Agency MJ!

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The end of the year is upon us and so we’d like to take this time to wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! As always, we have donated to the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA) on behalf of all of our clients whose impressive work continues to inspire and motivate us.

Now check out these outtakes from our team’s holiday photo, featuring our resident Agency MJ pups, Shanti and Spookie Bear!

Team Agency MJ Holiday Photo

Team Agency MJ Holiday Photo

Agency MJ's Spooky Bear

Agency MJ's Shanti

We look forward to seeing you all in 2015!

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Up for Whatever with Ty Milford

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Ty Milford recently shot a campaign for Bud Light and the NFL. In Ty’s own words: “I think that we shot ~28 versions of this scene over two days – one for most every pro team and then a few extra for the NFL. I like to think that my work has a lot of emotion in it – but this job took the cake. Initially we thought about running a highlight video for talent to respond to, but once we looked at the schedule and saw how much we had to accomplish in a given period of time we determined that it would take just too much time to cue the video clips and make sure that they all reacted in sync. It became clear that I was going to need to call the action “TV commentator style” of a fictitious game being played, again, and again, and again. Given that we probably did 6-7 takes for each of the 28 versions of this – I ended up yelling out about 196 plays over a crowded bar in two days: “The quarterback drops back, he looks left, then right. Out of the corner of his eye he spies a receiver opening up long and launches the bail in a Hail-Mary-final-attempt at saving the season.  It’s up, up, up and down, in the end zone, TOUCH DOWN, TOUCH DOWN, TOUCH DOWN.  BUFFALO!  TOUCH DOWN!”  I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but the work turned out wonderfully in the end and was worth all of the effort.  All of that said, I couldn’t have done it without an amazing, hustling, anticipating crew of great peeps AND 12 talent who killed it each and every time.  Thank you to ALL of you and also to the Cannonball agency and Bud Light for the opportunity to work on this super fun project.”

Bud Light NFL Buffalo Bills

Bud Light NFL Washington Redskins

Bud Light NFL Miami Dolphins

Bud Light NFL San Diego Chargers

Photographer:  Ty Milford
Client:  Bud Light
Agency:  Cannonball
Art Director:  Tony McCue
Account Rep:  Steve Brothers
Producer:  Vail Palmer-White
Hair and Makeup:  Donna Gast
Wardrobe Stylist:  Brandy Snow
Props:  Patrick Muller and Greg Ainsley
Digital Tech:  Zach Hardy
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Agency MJ Party Pics!

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Agency MJ and Kyle Dreier’s studio teamed up in September for an open house and creative mixer. The food was delicious by Yum! Catering and of course the company was all we could’ve asked for. Enjoy!

Kyle Dreier's Studio at 709 2nd Ave S.

James Quantz Jr

Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's Studio in Nashville

Jason Myers at Kyle Dreier's Studio in Nashville TN


Catching up at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's Studio in Nashville TN

Fun times at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's Studio in Nashville TN

Kyle Dreier being goofy at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Mollie Jannasch and friend at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Mollie Jannasch with Kyle Dreier, James Quantz Jr, and Hollis Bennett at the Agency MJ party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Mollie Jannasch and Conor Beath at the Agency MJ party at Kyle Dreier's Studio

Mollie Jannasch and Kyle Dreier and the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's Studio in Nashville TN

Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Robbie Quinn at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Kyle and his lovely wife at the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

Kyle Dreier and family and the Agency MJ Party at Kyle Dreier's studio in Nashville TN

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Agency MJ in New York City

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New York Skyline

New York City Photography Events

We’re in New York City for a whirlwind week of portfolio reviews, agency meetings, and a variety of creative mixers. You can catch us at:


Mollie will be reviewing portfolios again at this year’s Fotoworks NYC. We always look forward to Fotoworks, because it’s a great opportunity to meet photographers with a variety of experience and backgrounds. Keeping up to date on emerging work from both seasoned and new photographers is a wonderful way to stay current to industry trends and the always evolving art of photography.

At Edge

At Edge is another event that we get excited about attending. The online portfolios and physical publications that At Edge puts together are always some of the most outstanding in the industry, so you can be sure that you’ll encounter some stellar company at their events.

What’s more is that, as a an agent and reviewer, At Edge is also a place to connect with art buyers and hear feedback from the gate keepers of the agency world.

At Edge party highlights-

Photo Plus 

In addition to Fotoworks, Mollie will also be reviewing portfolios at this year’s Portfolio Review program at the PhotoPlus Expo, a part of the Palm Springs Photo Festival. We had a wonderful time in Palm Springs earlier this year and are excited to participate again in New York! This year’s expo brings together some amazing talent, as well as some very passionate and leading figures in the photo community.

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The Importance of Photography in Advertising

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Photographer Looking at Camera

Photography & Advertising

As Berenice Abbott once said, “Photography helps people to see.” It’s important to remember photography is an art form, one that serves businesses and people alike as a great source for marketing.

One Chance at a First Impression

First impressions are crucial. Great photographs are a sure fire way to show your best, while rushed images can show a company at its worst. With a beautifully rendered photograph, you can captivate your audience, portray your message, and generate trust. With a ho-hum image, in today’s lightning-fast technology driven world, it’s easy for people to click away – and just like that, you’ve lost your market & your advertising has failed.

Fruit of the Loom Photos


Pictures Help Define Your Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about what you want to say. Imagery should be clear and concise. The picture should inspire your audience to want to know more.

For instance, the M&Ms candies Red, Yellow and Green star in print ads and commercials. They offer personality and different situations for each ad, but the message is always clear: they are delicious. Consumers want to know more, and they are driven to try them.

Or consider how in the Fruit of the Loom ads, the shots are simple. In them, there are models (usually attractive ones, albeit) posing in their underwear. The slogan is clear: Fruit of the Loom sells underwear. Good-looking undergarments, yes, but no matter which model or ad, what is being sold is clear. When you think Fruit of the Loom, chances are good you think underwear.

Robyn Lehr Food Photography Weekend Almanac

Be Memorable. Be Great.

Visual is key, as we are living in an age where we are more and more visually focused. Not everyone will be able to capture the image so it conveys every nuance. Professional photographers spend years experimenting with light, angles, compositions, and studying their craft. It is pivotal you use an expert to help you find an image that is more than good – it’s memorable. It’s great.

Have a question? Need help with your campaign? If so, Agency MJ is here to help.

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A Sneak Peek at a Ty Milford Shoot

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mj 1

Ty Milford recently spent a week in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, working on a shoot. Here’s a sneak peek at A Day in the Life of one of our amazing photographers.

(Note: there was cheesesteak and a run up the 71 steps aka the “Rocky Steps” at the Museum of Art, as you do.)




mj 4

mj 3

mj 2

mj 1


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Hollis Bennett’s Travels in Iceland

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Agency MJ photographer Hollis Bennett recently traveled to Iceland, and we asked him to share a bit about his adventures there. Read what he had to say and check on some of the great imagery he shared with us!

“The first half of this year was busier than I could imagine – I was working on varied and exciting projects and making some really nice work, but I knew that I needed a vacation sooner rather than later.  I’ve always been one to head north rather than south, as I would rather be bundled up than traipsing around on a beach.  With that in mind, I headed out to Iceland in the North Atlantic.  Ive always wanted to go here and for one reason or another it just never materialized.  So, a quick flight from Nashville to NYC to Reykjavik, and I found myself on an alien planet.  There is really no good way to describe how different the landscape is there.  The island has been shaped by countless volcanoes and copious amounts of water.  Throw in the occasional North Atlantic gale and you have the makings for some great scenes.

Iceland isn’t that large but there is no transit infrastructure outside of personal vehicles, which is why I rented an old Land Rover and hit the road.  Sure, there are more comfortable vehicles out there, and ones that are more fuel efficient, but that’s no fun, right?  In addition to being indestructible, I could take this thing ANYWHERE.  Three foot river crossing?  No problem.  Near vertical hills?  Easy.  As I said, Iceland isn’t large but the real gems are found towards the interior and the roads there are, shall we say, a little rough.  One other not insignificant reason I got the truck is because I could sleep in it and not deal with that pesky North Atlantic weather.

So, 2,500 long, slow miles and a full circumnavigation of the island later and I have 120Gb of still and motion.  The weather was in all regards crap but the light, when it came out, was stunning and the landscape was just unbelievable.  Black sand beaches met ice blue glaciers.  Multihued hills met verdant green valleys with fumaroles and geysers in between. The land truly is one of contrasts and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The next time (and there will be a next time) I head to Iceland I hope it is at the behest of a client as there are so, so, so many opportunities to make stellar work here with a complement of talent and focus.  Until then…”


_MG_2718-Edit (1)

_MG_1195-Edit (1)


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.59.51 AM




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A Peek at the Le Book Connection in Chicago

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Le Book Chicago

Le Book Chicago Connection

This week Agency MJ owner Mollie Jannasch traveled to Chicago, IL, to experience the unique experience that was the Le Book Connection. Le Book, the international reference for fashion, photography, and advertising, is currently holding 10 celebrated editions of connections to provide “a link between the most prominent artist representatives and an audience of the top global decision-makers: brand managers, creative and art directors, photo and fashion directors, and image and communication executives.”

The Chicago-based connection proved to be unlike any other event of its kind, and Mollie experienced first hand what was billed as “six months of work in one day”. The event hosted a sea of talented and charismatics directors and executives, and because Mollie had such an unforgettable time, we had to share what a day of connection is like — through Mollie’s lens.


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Agency MJ Nashville Portfolio Shows

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September’s been a busy month for us at Agency MJ. We threw a wonderful party for our photographers Kyle Dreier, Hollis Bennett, and James Quantz Jr. at Kyle’s studio in downtown Nashville, we visited with Ty Milford on set for a shoot in Atlanta, and we’ve been all across Nashville having portfolio shows with some really fantastic local agencies! With so much of our work coming out of the New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago markets, it’s been a real treat to spend some time engaging with agencies in our own backyard. There’s so much creative work happening in Nashville these days and it’s great to be a part of it.

Nashville Portfolio Shows

Recently we met with three local agencies who, together, are changing the face of advertising in Nashville. We had a great time meeting with them and getting our photographers’ work out there, so we thought we’d share some images from the shows!


GS&F Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

GS&F Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

GS&F Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

GS&F Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Sullivan Branding

Sullivan Branding Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Sullivan Branding Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Sullivan Branding Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Sullivan Branding Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Barker & Christol

Barker & Christol Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Barker & Christol Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Barker & Christol Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

Barker & Christol Portfolio Show with Agency MJ

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Ain’t no party like a Nashville party!

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Agency MJ and Kyle Dreier Nashville Party September 18 Photography

Come on down to Kyle Dreier Photography: Commercial Photographer (Nashville) at 709 2nd Ave S this Thursday for drinks, food, live music, roving photo opportunities, and all of your favorite Nashville creatives! Also hanging out will be Hollis Bennett Photography and James Quantz Jr Photography. See the flyer for more information. We hope to see you there!